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When a tooth breaks whether from trauma or simply by biting into a piece of hard candy can be unnerving. Our natural teeth have bitten into a thousand things we were probably not supposed to and still managed to hold up after all of that, right? The good news is chipped, broken or fractured teeth are not uncommon. Some patients might try to tough it out and not contact our office, but the pain will only get worse. What is happening only when chewing on food will soon be a constant pain.

Why Should I Have My Broken Tooth Looked At?

The sooner a professional evaluation can be made, the better it is for the survival of the tooth. With a crack, the damage can progressively worsen. What starts as just a small crack in the enamel can soon split down through the dentin and into the pulp of the tooth if it is not treated. If it makes it into the pulp the tooth can still be saved by using a crown to hold the tooth together, but once the crack goes beneath the gum line it is impossible to save. It will have to be extracted.
If the tooth is not looked at right away, bacteria can get to the soft layer of dentin beneath the enamel and from there get into the pulp. Once there, an abscess can form which is a pocket of infection. This can eventually spread to the rest of the body.

What Should I Do Before Going to the Office?

If the tooth broke off because of a trauma you can take a few steps to help the tooth survive. First of all, call our office to come in immediately. Then rinse your mouth out gently using warm water. Apply pressure to the area if it is still bleeding. Also, use ice to help cut down the swelling and take anti-inflammatory medicine. If you need further assistance or would like to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

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