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Your jaw may hurt for one of several reasons after an auto accident. The following information will give you further details.

Why Does My Jaw Hurt?

One of the more common reasons for jaw pain following a car accident is trauma. Acute trauma to the jaw muscles or the jaw is the leading reason for a temporomandibular or TMJ complaint. This type of jaw pain can be attributed to car accidents, falls, and misalignment problems. In addition, whiplash from an accident can end up causing TMJ. If you are hit from behind and are moving slowly or not even moving at all, that type of impact can be damaging to the muscles and joints in the neck as well as the jaw. Therefore, you should immediately find out more about any injuries or possible injuries, if you can, following an accident. Other reasons for jaw pain may include damage to the trigeminal nerve, a jaw dislocation, or a jaw fracture. Dislocation or fracture can also end up causing problems with TMJ.

How Is TMJ From an Accident Treated?

If you do notice jaw pain after an auto accident, even a couple of months after, you should talk to us as well as your doctor. We can collaborate our findings for jaw pain to provide you with the best treatment options for your TMJ discomfort or TMD. In some instances, surgery may be needed to realign the jaw, or orthodontia, in some cases, may be combined with surgery to reap the best results.

Have you had an auto accident? Do you have problems with jaw soreness or pain? Have you noticed that the problem began after the mishap? If so, you need to schedule an appointment for an exam and consultation. You may have whiplash TMJ or TMD. By understanding more about your discomfort, we can create the best course of treatment for you. Give us a call today if you believe you have TMJ.

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