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This is an interesting question because each and every patient has a unique treatment plan formulated for them during the initial assessment. A full mouth reconstruction entails numerous dental surgeries spread out across multiple appointments. It is a commitment like no other in oral cavity health. The patient will need to be willing to make an incredible time commitment as well as a monetary one. It is not a cheap endeavor nor is it simple by any stretch of the imagination.

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

By definition, full mouth reconstruction is not a single procedure but many. The procedures involved affect all of the oral cavity teeth, not just a single one. By this definition then a single tooth receiving a crown placement or filling, or veneer placement would not be considered a full mouth reconstruction. However, if a group of teeth were receiving crown placements or a cluster of dental implants were being placed then those would be considered a full mouth reconstruction.

Getting Started?

Following the full assessment, a treatment plan will be formulated, and the type of dental surgeries will be detailed as will the estimated length of time to complete. Typically, the first step will be to remove any and all decayed teeth or diseased gum tissue. It is important to make sure the oral cavity is free of infection before the reconstruction starts.

Once the teeth and disease are removed then the reconstructive surgeries can begin. These might entail dental implants as an artificial tooth solution. In order to have those placed, the gum tissue and bone tissue will need to be strong enough. In many cases, if both were damaged by disease, gum grafts, and bone grafts will need to be employed to rebuild the lost supportive structure. The full mouth reconstruction can also require multiple of our dental specialists in order to complete. Come see us today for your consultation.

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